"Kahnman" Kevin Callahan

Kevin "Kahnman" Callahan

Independent artist. Producer. Singer/Rapper. Song Writer. DJ.

Kahnman was created. From the dirt. With no teachings. No practice. No mentors. No piers. He woke up one morning and realized that he might just be amazing. He first thought to try to be a D.J. Soon picked it up. But there are a million D.J.s. So he thought. He will write lyrics. If someone else can. For sure he could. And as an evening hobby he wrote. And recorded. None more than 3 takes. None with the idea he was the best. But then he wen't on to produce. Publish. He built an online presence and is currently receiving payments every week from his work in 2018. So after seeing that his music IS a venue to make a living. It is no longer a hobby. He now has a collection to give the world. From Gainesville, Fl. He plans to release a new single every month to all stores and platforms. Why not. He is able. He plans to make more. And perfect this amazing talent that he never had the opportunity to mold. He is a one man army. A muti- talented individual. Doing multiple roles in bringing you some of the best non-explicit music in today's world. He is a multi-genre producer. He is only seeking to be the greatest. Why not.  

Kahnman is excited about meeting everyone. He has already met new talent. He is always into new talent. Say hi. Kahnman is the most honest person you will ever meet. He is also the most understanding. Our history starts today. Let us entertain you. 

Kevin Callahan


Everyone likes the comeback story. Most artist run to it in their lyrics. I will too. But I have 5 comebacks. And maybe 4 different life stories. All true. Take notes. As none will be close. And no one will believe the full story. I will keep short for now

I was born in Hollywood, Fl. Aug. 9th 1972. I am an only child. I am 46. At 10 I lost my parents and moved in with my grandmother. We then moved north to Gainesville. I lost her at 19. 

My grandmother did great raising me. We moved into a nicer trailer park in the city. I made friends fast. I showed off. I thought I was in charge. I went to juvenile detention at 15. I was pretty crazy. I thought I knew it all. I got into fights. I messed with drugs. I went back at 16. Got out again. Back in . Out. Back in at 17. Out. Was sent to Alligator Creek stop camp at 16. Cutting roads through woods. Swingblading most of Union county Fl. At 17 was sent to Leon County halfway house for juveniles. Then one in Daytona. Where I got into a fight days into it for my clothes. I was 18. Went to county jail. Never to return. Lost all my stuff. But bonded out.

I never learned. I did multiple things wrong. I have been in more fights than most have seen on TV. But i never touched a kid or women. I have never been an addict to anything. I have drank from a kid until I knew I was having a child. I quit. Don't drink today. I have done several so called addicted drugs. And walked away over night. Addiction is in your head. I was in and out of jails until I was 19. I lost my grandmother at 19. AT 19 I was sentenced to 10 years FED and 8 years state as an habitual offender. At 19 I lost everything. Even the girl who is now a woman sitting here next to me today. The motivation behind my music. I was a wild teen. A baller. A King. A hustler. A thief. A dealer. A user. A drunk. A liar. A heart breaker. At 19 I was sent up the road. Off to my collage.

I been to different prisons.From state YOA. To Federal Prisons. Then camps I been in the box plenty of times. I spent 13 months straight in it. For not snitching. I have several co defendants. I never ever mentioned one. I was just growing up having fun. Was not trying to break any laws. No clue. 

With 12 years time served. Prison is my schooling. The streets prepped me. I would not change a thing. It is truly an intellect thing. I advanced where other die. I got educated. In more ways than any can imagine. I was alone. No family at all. No friends. No girlfriends. But i found the meaning of life. 

The meaning of life. Is to reproduce yourself in a much more adapted and better way. Creation. And educating. I was released in 2000. With no one. No money. A friends couch shortly. But with a culinary degree. And an auto body refinish one. And an Commercial and res. pipe fitting one. I was also LVA certified. Helped 100s get their GEDs. I worked law library on cases. Losing mine. I never settled for the fact I was in prison. I always worked towards the release. Read 1000s of books. Almost gave up on life. I went in a fighter. I stayed in shape. Grandma took me to defense classes. I got good. I was trained to fight. I was a lucky one. I did not waste my life. I got out with nothing.

I walked to find a job. Found one. I walked further to find another. Then another. I tried room mates. I worked up money for a car. I Worked and worked. Crap jobs for ex cons. I was a DJ. Not that great. I did party after getting back into world. I did start hanging with same crown. They were in clubs. So i was on probation. Parole. And still partying. Stupid. I found out I was going to be a father. I quit. All of it. No more drinking or partying. I went to working a sales career. A great one. Was good at it. I helped start the Direct TV sales campaign that is in walmarts today. Was in Best buy. Circuit Cities. And door to door. I was also involved with Those "wholesale companies" who did door to door. I was also part of the Fast wax explosion. At most Gas stations nation wide. I was a manager in those and more. For past 15 years. Its ups were great. But as they moved sale teams indoors. Into stores. I did not pass background check. Go figure. And economy dropping was a wake up. I been to every small town from Jackson MS to New Orleans. Atlanta to the Keys. Selling stuff door to door. So I started my own wholesale supply company. 10 years. Supplying small business. Up until this year. I put it on pause to try to pursue my music career.