"Kahnman" Kevin Callahan

Welcome to my site. Kahnman's Kingdom. Please go to music page to get your free downloads. And buy all the rest. Just kidding. If you don't know. I lost my mind.  I am a multi-genre multi talented artist from Gainesville. Thank you again for all the attention and support. All the plays on all platforms. This site is new. Please bare with me in the setting up. My ear is bias and tells me I am good. Listen to me and laugh. Or learn. I need a fan base. And understand to maintain it I have to be the baddest around. I am inspired to be a wizard. Click play on my music player up top while you read and look at all my songs(if not up top. Find it in Navigation). Just listen thru. No telling where next track goes. Do not limit yourself to one genre. I will get you away. I am a multi genre producer. I choose to be different. So find different genre pages in navigation bar. Find Bandcamp emblems below for full streams. I am a DJ. Find my live sets on soundcloud.com/kevin-callahan-5227777519 . For my coming shows. Get to know my songs. Take a trip. Some of my EDM have rapping middle breaks. And no. I cant give all my vocals yet. I am selling music too. My rapping is everything but Gangster and disrespectful. I am a dance club and E.D.M. rapper. A ladies man. You will bob and want to dance. Everyone dances. I know.

As you go further. As you follow me on other sites. Please know that I only been doing this music for about 1 year. As a hobby. Releasing an album. And 2 singles. All by myself. All you hear here is done on my laptop. With headphones. And a mic in my room. All my vocals only been recorded 2 to 3 takes(hobby. Like a game). I do not have the proper equipment to fully express myself. Yet. I am an independent multi-genre artist. In today's dance music. You may not like the genres. But they are all around us. These are where I start. Not where I finish. I am capable where self titled legends are stuck to their genre. I have to play in all fields to really be seen and heard. The End Game. 

This is a lot of work. I am learning all of this. The music. The writing. The singing/rapping. The recording. The producing. The publishing. The promoting. The computer filing and storage. The cover art. The online presence. The online advertising. The normal advertising. And I dance very well too. Now. Since I found that I am capable of doing this all. I am doing it this year full force. Mainly. Because if I think about all the artist out there. There are not many that does all of it. Some sing. Some rap. Some make beats. Some play guitar and sing.  Some write. Some dance. NOT MANY can do what I am doing. I just learned myself in the past year.

I have an online sales going. From advertising I do online. I am already on all music platforms. I am from Gainesville. So I advertised there. Heavy. They gave me great play attention. So I decided to release a new single to the world every month. Moving to LPs and albums. To all stores. From Gainesville. Kinda for Gainesville. But here is where you will see stuff in progress. Not all here is complete. (coming soon) means no vocals yet too. I put my sounds here for you to see. Most vocals not wrote yet. I can write and record in 2 to 3 hours. Spotify, I tunes and such have no clue these are coming.

I am not stuck to one genre. Some of my tracks were genre blended. Before the title came out. Releasing around 50 more tracks just in 2019.  Who is your favorite? I am trying to out do them. No basic 3 min beats from a real music maker. I am all non-explicit. I can lingo with any. Real legends don't follow the hype. They create it. This is kid/teen friendly. I am creating culture. I will get better. It is not like "well. I think I'll try" We are doing it. I have no back doors. I perfect everything I ever touched. I don't need this music. It needs me. Those who know me. Know that I don't fail. I accomplish the unknown goals others only dreamed of. I am stupid and un-perfect. Teaching myself as I go.

My "Brand" is Professionalism. Respect. Friendly. Helping. Honor. Even among thieves. No money is worth more than MY word. Honesty. Own you. Your actions. With pride. Be direct with no shells. Hustle. Don't ask for. Earn. Respect first to our women. Mine and ours are Princesses until they become Queens. Which our mothers were as well. I am raising a Queen to be. Beware. They are not toys. Its that brand/culture thing. Our women our smarter, stronger, independent and un impressionable by ignorance as an excuse. Just assume it.

We come with open arms and handshakes. Kahnman carries wisdom and knowledge. Intelligence and understanding. We want all to come together and just enjoy life. We lead by example. You can follow me. Or you can watch me. Make sure you hear me. One year Gainesville. One year America. One year the world. You will know me.

Lets have some fun. I will release your minds. Then my other singers/rappers.  Just for the dance of it. If you are an artist. And you dig my sound and direction. Get with me. I look forwards in collaborating. Learning and sharing. My goal is shows on stages. Small to largest.       I plan to release 100s of tracks. Tuning and loading the 130 I already have daily. Not all finish. Still writing and recording when can. Real busy with site and promo. Subscribe. Get your free downloads. New ones monthly. Comment. Even if you think stupid or crap. Let me know how bad I am. If you like yes please buy a download. Maybe one every Friday. I did set aside my company to try this.  Download and use Bandcamp app. Your $1 buy each week with everyone else's will help me make magic. Tell your friends. If you really really like it. Give me a play or 11000 on your favorite streaming sites. It helps my world stage. Don't hate me. I am just your Jester. Just listen. I'll make you want more. Check back to my site. It is a lot of work. Smile. Kahnman is here.

If I make you bob a leg or your head. Can you help me track. Give me one play on just the first track you come to below. I will know that you are there today. Don't have to be complete. Thanks. Enjoy the Journey.